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Abdominal and bariatric surgeon

Vitalijus Eismontas MD, PhD

Vitalijus Eismontas MD, PhD, has been performing weight loss surgeries for over 10 years. Most surgeries are performed in a minimally invasive laparoscopic manner. He has accumulated extensive experience in the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux, diaphragmatic esophageal hernias, and esophageal achalasia. The main areas of practice are weight-loss surgery, the most complex gastric, pancreatic and liver surgeries.

Partnership with Northway

As part of our commitment to bringing our patients the highest standard of medical care, INEO Clinic has partnered with Northway Medical Centers, one of Lithuania’s top private healthcare providers. In operation since 2004, Northway has some of the most modern facilities and state-of-the-art treatments in the Baltic region. This is why all treatments received by INEO Clinic clients will be performed in one of Northway’s medical centers. Over the years, Northway have built an excellent team of highly sought-after specialists. In 2020, INEO Clinic and Northway have joined forces, and our teams work in close cooperation to make our expertise available to overseas clients, delivering the highest levels of quality, safety and comfort.

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