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I want to thank the doctor for the gastric surgery. I weighed 170 kg before the operation and 96 kg after the operation. Very competent doctor. Excellent communication and very caring. You don’t even have to ask anything – everything is explained and advised in detail. I really want to thank him… Only thanks to his advice and surgical work today I am living a completely different life. My most sincere thanks!

Price: 5950 EUR / 5100 GBP

– Free online consultation with the surgeon
– A private room at the clinic
– 4-Star hotel accommodation
– Transfers between the airport, clinic and hotel
– Pre-surgery health tests
– Surgery and anaesthesia
– 24h medical assistance while at the clinic
– Personal INEO coordinator for the duration of your stay

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BMI Range: 30-50kg/m2

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Surgery Duration: 1.5 hours
Time in Hospital: 3 nights
Total time in Lithuania: 6-7 days
Expected Results: 70-80% excess weight loss over 12-24 months

How it works

General anesthesia will be used during the operation. The duration of the operation is around 1 hour, although it can take longer, depending on the patient’s condition. Between 75% and 85% of the stomach is removed, leaving a small gastric tube with a capacity of 100ml. This reduces the amount of food you can eat, but leaves the digestive tract unchanged, maintaining the same levels of nutrient absorption as before.

Due to the reduced stomach capacity, you will not able to eat much physically, so the amount of calories received is significantly reduced, and the weight begins to drop. Along with the removal of ~75% of the stomach, the main receptors responsible for the feeling of hunger are also removed, so the production of the hunger hormone ghrelin decreases. Thanks to this, the feeling of excessive hunger disappears.

In the first month after surgery, all food should be crushed to the consistency of a porridge. After that it is possible to return to normal food, with the only difference being the significantly reduced portion size. It is recommended to eat 3-4 times a day, not to eat in the evening, to avoid sweets, “heavy” food and fatty products (fat content of dairy products should not exceed 1%). It is important not to drink while eating.

It is necessary to take micronutrient and iron supplements, and to have a general blood test done from time to time, which shows the amount of haemoglobin in the blood. Postoperative consultation with a nutritionist is recommended, as well as physical activity that should begin about a month after surgery. It is very important to follow these recommendations. Otherwise, even after gastric reduction surgery, the stomach may begin stretching after a few years and the weight will start to increase again.

Most weight is lost in the first year after surgery, but a sustained result requires a change in eating habits and  lifestyle.

Sleeve Gasterectomy Consultation

The initial free online consultation will focus on discussing your suitability for the surgery. The surgeon will outline the best possible results in your individual case and advise the most optimal course of action. You will be given as much detail about the procedure as possible, and the surgeins will also advise you in detail about preparation for surgery, as well as aftercare.

In good care every step of the way



Your initial assessment will be done remotely thanks to a comprehensive questionnaire covering all aspects of your current weight and health. Once the doctor confirms that you qualify for the surgery, one of our specialist will consult you regarding the next preoperative steps of your surgery. At the same time, one of our INEO coordinators will begin arranging your trip together with you.


The Surgery

Arriving a day before the surgery, you will need to stay in Lithuania for a total of 6-7 days. You will spend around 3 days at the clinic before being transferred back to your hotel, located in the city centre. In 5 days after the surgery you will be transferred back to the clinic where the doctor will follow up on your recovery and discharge you.



After you return home, you will receive regular follow-up calls from our specialists to see how your weight loss is progressing, provide advice, and answer any questions or concerns that may arise. You will begin to see the results in just a couple of months. In 12 to 18 months, you are likely to lose up to 70% of your excess body mass, returning to a safe BMI with a likely remittance of most disorders associated with excess weight.

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