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Full rhinoplasty – €4100 / £3500


Whats included?

– Free online consultation with the surgeon
– Transfers between the airport, clinic and hotel
– A private room at the clinic if overnight stay is necessary
– Pre-surgery health tests
– Surgery
– Anaesthesia
– 24h medical assistance while at the clinic
– Personal INEO coordinator for the duration of your stay in Lithuania
A remote follow-up call with the surgeon after you return home

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Rhinoplasty Consultation

The initial free online consultation will help you and the surgeon establish how you wish your nose to transform. The surgeon will explain all of the techniques available and the results you can expect from them. Our surgeons are experts not only at the surgery itself, but also have deep knowledge about what makes a face beautiful, and will tailor the scale of the surgery precisely to your facial proportions.

In good care, from arrival to departure



You will arrive the day before the surgery, and a chauffeur will meet you at the airport to take you to the hotel. It is important to take the first night to rest, removing any stress that your body experienced during air travel. In the morning, a chauffeur will take you from the hotel to the clinic at the appointed time. If you are traveling with a companion or a family member, we will be happy to arrange accommodation and leisure activities with one of our hospitality partners. If you wish, an itinerary will be designed for you individually, with activities that both you and your companion can enjoy and which won’t interfere with your recovery.


Day of the surgery

The morning after your arrival, you’ll be chauffeured to the clinic for your final live consultation with the surgeon. The scope and the technique of the procedure will then be finalized. The necessary range of health tests will be performed, with the results being ready in 1 to 2 hours. At the clinic you will be given a private room, where you will have the opportunity to shower and change into a gown while you wait. Once the results of your health checks are in, the surgeon will meet you and take you to the operating room. Once the anesthesia wears off, your every need will be tended to by the medical staff for the duration of your stay at the clinic.


Postoperative care

You will spend the first night after the surgery at the clinic, and depending on the scope of the procedure and the healing process, you may spend up to an additional two days at the clinic. Once the surgeon confirms that you are doing well and can be discharged, you will be taken back to your hotel where you will enjoy rest and local amenities. If any concerns arise during your stay, you can always contact your personal INEO coordinator for assistance. In 5-7 days the surgeon will remove the nasal splint. You will be asked to stay in Lithuania for an additional 7 days for observation (14 days in total). The social recovery period for a rhinoplasty procedure is typically between 2-3 weeks, after which very few signs of a recent surgery will remain, or they will be easy to disguise with light makeup.

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More feedback

Rasa, 40, Lithuania

I am very happy to have chosen doctor Renaldas Vaičiūnas for my surgery of the upper eyelids. I am very pleased with the result. Before the operation, I was very nervous, which I should’t have been. I never imagined the operation could even be enjoyable. The doctor was extremely gentle, and I’ve barely experienced any pain. For me personally, cutting my finger was much more uncomfortable than the plastic surgery of the eyelids. Thank you very much, Dr. Renaldas Vaičiūnas for fulfilling my dream with such quality!


Ona, Lithuania

Sincere thanks to dr. Arūnas Jankauskas for the professionally performed surgeries. You are a true doctor in every sense. Best of luck to you and your team!


Rasa, Lithuania

I am extremely grateful to dr. Arūnas Jankauskas for professional work, accurate advice, for diligence, and warm human communication. I am glad that you have been recommended to me, and I will also recommend you to everyone.


Daiva, Lithuania

I will be grateful to dr. Arūnas Jankauskas for the rest of your life. Twenty years ago I wounded my hand at a potato plant. The fingers hashad to be rebuilt because they had zero sensitivity to touch. The surgery was a miracle! May you be blessed by the grace of God!


Jurate, Lithuania

Among the best! Sincere, pleasant, and will always give advice and will do the job flawlessly!


Lina Gaideliene, Lithuania

Naturalness and simplicity are always beautiful, and beauty lies in them. Wonderful work by Dr. Renaldas Vaičiūnas.


Elena Golynskaite, Lithuania

Dr. Renaldas Vaičiūnas is a world-class surgeon. Has a lot of empathy for the patient, and operates perfectly.


Jolita Poskaite, Lithuania

Very big and sincere thanks to plastic surgeon Dr. Indre Sakalauskaitė. I will always be grateful for her kindness, professionalism, sincerity, care before and after the operation, I am very lucky to have been treated her, and she is the most wonderful and best Doctor.


Stephany, UK

Dr. Renaldas Vaičiūnas is a professional specialist. Objectively assessed the situation and my wishes, so the result after the operation is excellent! Communication is also important. The consultation took a long time and was comprehensive, leaving no questions. Care was felt not only before the operation but also after it. I am very happy and grateful.


Augustė, Lithuania

Dr. Renaldas Vaičiūnas is a good doctor, a good and talented surgeon. I was doing nasal septal surgery with him. Did very well!


Ashling, UK

I have never met a doctor like Dr. Indrė Sakalauskaitė in my life. All the positive words are too few to describe this AMAZING DOCTOR. This is a Doctor who really loves her job and works wholeheartedly to help her patients. She is an extremely sincere, caring, kind, gentle, responsible, communicative, professional specialist in her field.


Meave, Ireland

With Dr. Marija Sakalauskaitė, both the consultation and the operation of the upper eyelids itself went great. And most importantly the result. There were no bruises. I am very happy with my upper eyelids. Now 4 months have passed no scars. I’m wondering how is that possible.


Irena, Lithuania

Thanks to doctor Dr. Marija Sakalauskaitė for consultations before and after the operation, as well as care. I am very pleased with the result, thank you very much again.


Žaneta, Lithuania

Dr. Arūnas Jankauskas is 100% the best surgeon! An extremely sincere, caring, simple person, as well as a specialist with excellent knowledge of his field! You can’t even imagine how happy I am to choose this particular specialist, he just exceeded my expectations. If you are considering a doctor, BE SURE to go for a consultation! I need more doctors where you can really see that you love your job endlessly, and for me as a client, it is my greatest happiness.


Sinéad, Ireland

I applied because I saw the results of the Dr. Arūnas Jankauskas’ work, I heard a lot of recommendations. Now I recommend myself. Doctor at a high level. Concrete. Doing only what is needed and how is needed. It can be seen that patients do not look at it as a “wallet”, but analyze whether they really need to do what they want, if necessary, and towhat extent. He also offers more effective alternatives.


Vaiva, Lithuania

I did plastic abdominal surgery with Dr. Darius Jauniškis. After 3 pregnancies I had a pregnant belly with a detached wall and umbilical hernia. The doctor’s miraculous hands and meticulous long work made my belly perfect. Perfect seam. Perfect navel. Before Dr. Jauniškis, I was in a consultation with many plastic surgeons known in Lithuania. But not everyone wanted and could do a full abdominal plastic surgery.


Aoife, Ireland

I am very glad that there are still such dedicated doctors as the respected surgeon Dr. Darius Jauniškis. Attentive, good sense of humor, and is certainly a true professional. Real authority for other doctors and inspiration for future ones.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Rhinoplasty, as with any plastic surgery, is advised against if the patient has pre-existing medical conditions that are incompatible with plastic surgery or which increase the risk of post-operative complications. Additionally, it is important that the patients seeking rhinoplasty have articulated a clear goal that they wish to achieve with the surgery. If the goal is not set or is vague, such a surgery is premature.  

Contrary to popular belief, open rhinoplasty does not produce significant scarring, and the scars that remain usually fade within 6 months after the operation. While closed rhinoplasty does reduce scarring even further, the key advantage of open rhinoplasty is that affords the surgeon a better view of the area that they are operating on, improving the accuracy of the surgery, thus increasing the likelihood of the patient getting exactly the results that they want. Nevertheless, if the scale of the operation is minor, and the nose does not require major reconstructive surgery, our surgeons are able to perform closed rhinoplasty with equally successful results.  

The average duration of an aesthetic rhinoplasty operation ranges between 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours. Reconstructive rhinoplasty surgery duration will depend on the severity of the case, and may last significantly longer.  

One year after the operation is a good time to begin evaluating the results. Rhinoplasty normally involves significant changes to the skeletal structure of the nose, usually reducing the amount of bone. A significant part of the healing process is allowing the soft tissue of the nose to fully heal and adjust to the new bone structure. During this process, the soft tissue will remain inflamed for a period of about 3 to 4 months, after which the inflammation will begin to gradually subside over a period of 6 to 12 months, before the soft tissue settles into the final shape. Unfortunately, this process cannot be accelerated in any way.

Personal post-operative care instructions, while important, are not complex. After your operation, you will be provided the post-op care instruction manual, where everything you need to do and avoid doing will be laid out in detail. If there are still some questions remaining, you will always be able to contact us, and either the surgeon or their assistant will be happy to answer your questions.

Patients should undergo rhinoplasty only when they are absolutely certain that such surgery will improve their quality of life. Any surgery, especially one that is aimed at changing your appearance, is daunting. If your fear of surgery is greater than the desire for an improved appearance, then our surgeons generally advise against surgical intervention.