Every member of our team speaks fluent English, so you are not likely to experience any issues with communication.

Whenever possible, local anesthesia is applied. Highly localized or minimally invasive surgeries, such a liposuction, for example, may only need local anaesthesia for a painless experience.

Combining more than one surgery is possible and common, but is a highly individual matter that is on a case-by-case basis.  Patient safety is the top priority, so it will ultimately be up to the surgeon to decide how many and which surgeries it is safe for you to combine.

Depending on the scale of your surgery and the rate of recovery, you will spend up to 3 days at the clinic. The average time spent at the clinic, however, is between 1 to 2 days. In most cases where surgeries involve only local anaesthesia, patients may be discharged as early as a few hours after the surgery.

The level of service we offer is designed so that you can be at ease traveling alone. Your personal INEO coordinator will ensure an effortless trip.

Unfortunately we do not allow non-patients to stay at the clinic overnight, due to strict health and safety policies.

Unless otherwise specified in a special offer or package deal, the flight tickets and accommodation are not included in the price. However, you will be provided a discount code if you book accommodation thought one of our hospitality partners. For an additional fee, you can delegate the relevant hotel bookings to your personal INEO coordinator.

The preparation of surgeons in Europe is never done in one country alone. Every surgeon that is licensed to practice in the EU must adhere to stringent international standards, which requires the completion of traineeship programs in multiple countries. This means that every Lithuanian surgeon is evaluated by a large pool of their European peers and independent medical institutions before becoming fully certified.

Medical equipment found in Lithuanian plastic surgery clinics is practically identical to that in other European countries, as the same best practices are being implemented by all medical institutions across Europe.